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automatic haircare liquid filling and capping machine

Cope with growing Burma cosmetics market. Packry Helped!

Packry help hair conditioner manufacturer from Burma (Southeast Asia) with their plastic bottle filling and screwing line in order to cope with growing Burma cosmetics market.

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automatic filling system

Packry’s automatic filling system

ZHIHUI PACKAGING MACHINERY COMPANY, part of ZHIHUI GROUP, is located in Xiamen and is a well respected manufacturer of liquid filling and capping machinery for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, agrochemical and lubricants industries.

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automatic chicken vacuum packing machine

Chicken Vacuum Packaging

Frozen chicken in vacuum packaging is well sold in Zhumadian city in Henan province. But about a year ago, the Zhongya Food company's boss, Mr.Du Yu Xiao, said that because he wanted to make the appearance of the product better

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pharma vials filling machine

Packry help pharma vials filling

AG, a company that specializes in personalized automation solutions for the pharmaceutical packaging industry, uses an accurate feed system to position the glass bottles in five groups so that they can dispense at a rate of 5 per second Positioning in the blister

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Aerosl Filling Capping Gasing Machine

Aerosol ‘s widely application

Aerosol means that the drug, emulsion or suspension is packed together with a suitable propellant in a pressure-tight container with a specially designed valve system

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Packry help Appguo with their aerosol line.

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cosmetic filling screw machine

Packry: create a new cosmetic filling

In an increasingly competitive market, how to enhance the company's product uniqueness has become the top priority of every cosmetics company, and packry help that aspect.

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40mm tube sealing closing machine

Cheap but good, Packry’s S-007 can do it

One of our Taiwan customers engaged in the ointment production company and ordered four semi-automatic ultrasonic hose sealing machines in our company.

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beverage piston filling machine

We help Mr.Bledar with their filling system

A customer named Mr.bledar from albania ordered a few semi-automatic liquid filling machines on our side, the client is running a small workshop for filling glass bottles.

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semi vacuum perfume filling machine

Packry help Orkan18 with their filling

Our American customers ordered our company's semi-automatic perfume packaging. The customer is a manufacturing company of medium size cosmetics in the United States.

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Our Service


Packry keep the client involved during every stage of production to make sure that the packaging machine which finally delivered to him can fulfill all his objectives.


Packry’s packaging machines will be inspected and made to undergo several quality checks, and it will be delivered and installed under the premises of our client.


Packry provide global transportation to our customers, and you can choose which way the machine will be shipped according to your actual situation.


Qualified, skilled technicians are available for trouble shooting and problem-solving to ensure your packaging line is up and running smoothly.


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