5 Tips For Select Liquid Filling Machines

5 Tips For Select Liquid Filling Machines

Build up a factory is not a easy thing, especially for those need buying packaging equipment, it can be a complex process from the conveyor belt to the liquid filling machine, capping machine and labeling machine, In the next few week, we will talk about some general advice that can help you to choose the right packaging equipment for your own needs. Let’s starting with the liquid filling machine.

Filling machine is the packaging equipment which directly contact with the material . Although a machine can be used for a variety of material, but there is usually only one filling machine for any given project, which is most suitable for your product. We have prepared the following tips for you before you place your order.


1,The type of your product

Please tell us the product you want to work with, it will help us narrow the scope of the filling machines that fit your product. You can contact our sales stuff for professional advice. In many cases, some of our filling machines can handle well your product, but there is only one choice which is most suitable for your production.
In fact, you don’t need the most expensive machine if you want to control the budget, in my sale experience, many customer had regret that although the machine is perfect but not fitted.


2. Automatic, Semi-automatic or Manual?

Obviously, the answer to this question depends on the level of production required by the you. In my opinion, every customer has different ways to define their production need. Sometimes an experienced customer knows how many bottles per minute (BPM) that the machines must achieve. Sometimes our customers only know how many bottles they need to produce per week, or even how many bottles a year, In fact, you can easily calculate the required the machine’s capacity per minute and hourly when you have idea that how many working days during a year and how long the working time during a daytime.

You should ensure that the selected filling machine has the ability to grow with your company. Many liquid fillers can be upgraded in many ways. such as the automatic filling machine can be upgraded to more filling heads(6 heads-8 heads-10 heads).

We recommend: before a large production and new products that are not productive, it is best to purchase semi-automatic or even manual, which can minimizes your risk. After everything goes well, you can upgrade to fully automatic models.


3. The Type of Filling Pump

Because the pump is the core part of the filling machine, which is the most important factor for choosing the right filling machine. It is important to understand your product’s viscosity in different pressure and temperature. There are two filling types which are commonly used, the piston-filling and self-priming, the previous one can create different air-pressure to promote viscous liquid flow, the self-priming’s principle is the gravity of liquid itself.
They are most used for high viscous liquid and low viscous liquid, also the price is different.


4. The Type of The Pipeline?

When the filling material were move by piston, we need choose the appropriate pipeline to meet temperature, corrosion resistance, and hygienic cleaning requirements, sometimes a special insulated pipe need to connect with pump and filling nozzle, in order to prevent curing.


5.The Type of The Nozzle

The Type of the filling material and your bottles will determine the nozzle’s size and type, such as bottle’s mouth size, height and shape. Please be noted that: In many cases the container’s shape may be the primary determinant of what type of filling nozzle must be used, you should decide the nozzle type, nozzle length, nozzle opening size, nozzle seal material, port angle before you place the order.

If you have some questions in filling machine, please contact our sale stuff.

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