Auto Capsule Filler

Auto Capsule Filler

Project Description

NJP series automatic capsule filling machine is the ideal packaging equipment for medicine capsule. All the key parts of this machine are adapt imported accessories, such as transmission shaft, cam and bearing, which can meet the requirements of GMP. NJP automatic capsule filling machine adopts PLC programming, steppless frequency conversion speed regulation, man-machine interface operation, touch screen display (A / B type is touch panel operation). Auto display running failure or lack of material, automatic shutdown, troubleshooting can automatically eliminate the alarm. NJP automatic capsule filling machine also has a password input, parameter settings, print data, reset and other functions,

Having a good stability, high efficiency, intelligent & efficient filling speed, automatic medicine gelatin capsule is widely used by medium and big pharmaceutical companies. The NJP Capsule Machine can be used to packaging weight loss capsules, or gastric capsule filling

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    Capsule size

    00-5# and A-E safety capsules

    No. of segment bores




    36000 capsules/hour



    380/220V 50/60Hz  5.05KW

    Air Consumption



    Dust Absorption






    Filling type

    Power ,Pellets tablets

    Net Weight

    800 Kg

    Overall size(mm)



    • We improved the bottom’ structure: by using three fixed foot support, the machine have a better stability, increase the filling speed and extend the life of equipment.
    • Innovative turntable device, good stability, high efficiency, Convenient mold change (the change time can be less than15 minutes), reduce labor intensity, improve the filling speed three times as before.
    • Innovative filling institutions, the Installation is easy to learn and it can improve the operation effectively and the sub-capsule success rate, which can highly increases the rate of profit.
    • Innovative capsule output device, it can work smoothly no matter how fast and how long the capsule running in the discharge port.
    • Automatic cleaning system, when the upper and lower mold running to the tenth station, the air will automaticly clean the powder in the hole, improve the filling effect.
    • The machine will stop when detect there’s no powder in the hopper.