Envase Monodosis Sealer

Envase Monodosis Sealer

Project Description

Auto indexing adds a new dimension to the Mini-Pinch, a filling machine best suited for filling aqueous solutions, thin and light oils. The Automatic Indexing Mini Pinch is a six-head, timed flow volumetric filler that has a fill rate of up to six ounces per second. Depending on pump options,

Operating principle: Artificial feeding tubes → Auto Tube orientation → Auto Filling → Auto sealing →Auto producing date
printing → Auto trimming → Auto tubes output

Recommended for Plastic Tube, Aluminum Plastic Tube, Composite Tube, widely used in the cosmetics, household, person care, medical, chemical, foods industry etc. such as Chocolate paste, Tomato paste , Hands cream, Facial Toner or primer, Medical paste Creams ,Facial Creams, Hand creams etc .


Ultrasonic power:2000W
Voltage AC220V/50Hz, or 110v 60hz
Capacity30-50 pcs/min
Length of tube0-200 mm
   Sealing Dia5-50 mm
Filling Range (Option)A: 6-60 ml, B: 10-120ml

C: 25-250ml, D: 50-500ml

Machine Size:L: 1350*W1700*H1680cm
Machine Body

202# Stainless Stell


1, To replace the traditional welding or bonding process, low cost, clean pollution-free and does not damage the plastic tube.

2. Intelligent automatic frequency tracking system, which can recognize the vibration frequency of the ultrasonic system automatically, so as to effectively protect the mold. Large output, small noise, stable performance, long life.

3. High welding strength, Good sealing performance, the strength of welding area is same as other area of the plastic.

4, Stable welding process, easy operation, easy maintenance.

5, Precision IC control circuit, automatic overload protection system.

6, Adopting PLC controller, easy to operate, auto-protecting system can avoid the damage caused by improper operation.

7, Four points balance adjustment, easy to adjust the welding head.

8, aluminum/titanium radial pole, sonic, strong stability.