Separated Aerosol Filler

Separated Aerosol Filler

Project Description

Packry’s Semi-automatic Aerosol Filling Machine is integrated of semi-automatic filling machine, semi-automatic aerosol can crimping machine and air aerator machine. They are suitable for filling all kinds of liquid materials, such as thin liquid (kerosene), thick liquid (facial cleanser, PU foam) etc. It’s a good choice for small or medium scale company.

Application: air freshener, deodorant, perfume, furniture spray, insecticide, mosquito killer spray, pesticide, leather spray, toliet spray, disinfection spray, hair spray, cosmetic spray, self defence spray, pepper spray, pharmaceutical spray, food spray, wound spray, tyre repair spray, mould release spray, anti rust spray, color paint spray, PU foam, fire extinguisher and LPG cartridge.

Free Consultation

Free Consultation


Semi-automatic Aerosol Filling Machine:
Filling Capacity30-500ml (special specifications can be customized.)
Filling Accuracy≤±1%
Can Hight70-330mm
Production Capacity1200-1600can/hr
Semi-automatic Aerosol Capping Machine:
Applicable Specifications1″(25.4mm)
Procduction Capacity1200-1500can/hr
Can Hight70-330mm

Semiautomatic Air Inflator Machine:
Filling Capacity30-500ml
Filling Accuracy≤±1%
Can Hight70-330mm
Production Capacity800-1200can/hr


  • Full pneumatic control
  • Wide applicability
  • High filling accuracy
  • Labor Save
  • Easy to use and maintain

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