Soft Capsule Maker

Soft Capsule Maker

Project Description

The soft capsule machine rolling mode is successful development on the basis of absorbing at home and abroad advanced technology This is roll mode Soft Capsule Machine.The Mold length is 200 millimeters which have the new Row-hole approach to meet the needs of manufacturers of high-yielding. Combination of pneumatic fixtures and micro-lubrication technology in China is a unique. Soft Capsule Machine can be oil, suspension or paste into the quantitatively, produce variety size, shape, color of soft capsules The soft capsules with fast and high bioavailability, elegant appearance, easy to swallow and difficult to oxidation, easy to storage and carrying it, etc. More and more consumers like it. Has been widely used in medicine, health products, cosmetics and other industries.

Packry’s Fully Automatic Soft Gelatin Encasulation Machine, a new generation of soft gelatin encapsulation machine that has extremely large productivity.The new soft gelatin encapsulation manufacturing facility features leading technoligy, simple but beautiful appearance, and it is another excellent product by our company for soft gelatin capsule clients around the globe.

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    roll mode speed
    roll mode size
    capsule production
    single plunger feed
    load difference
    load precision
    power supply
    380v 50hz
    rubber lubricating oil consumption
    300 ml/h 5rpm
    total power


    The mold use Gas pressure to avoid misoperation of the damage caused by mold, Done to reduce the consumption.
    Control box using the PLC programmable control true color touch screen, power control components are imported to control the electronic control system, stability, performance, well, soft capsule machine in order to ensure the targets.

    1 PLC control used.( Compressive, Long life)

    2. With fault diagnosis function.

    3. Simulation of machine images, vivid clear at a glance.

    4. Simple intuitive operation.