Powder VFFS

Project Description

The equipment is redesigned according to market development needs, combined with the practice on the basis of the development and design, in line with national GMP standard the machine fusion cincept of European packaging science and technology, the latest technology, design more reasonable and concise and more solid automatically feed tank filling, etc. Suitable for filling powder and granule materials, such as solid drink grape, milk powder, spices, etc

This machine adopts disc positioning filling, manipulator hanging cover cover rolling, stable and reliable, high precision of more than 99%, the machine adopts imported from Japan for the high precision closed type cam position device, high precision, reliable operation, long service life. The protractor has the advantages of simple structure, long-term use without maintenance.

Application: coffee powder, milk powder, flour powder, spice powder, detergent powder, chili powder, masala powder, cocoa powder, baking powder, bleaching powder, chicken powder. It integrates metering, bagging, packing, sealing, date printing and counting into one

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    Model ZV-420D ZV-520D ZV-720D
     Film Width Max.420mm Max.520mm Max.720mm
     Bag Length 80-300mm 80-350mm 180-500mm
     Bag Width 60-200mm 100-250mm 100-350mm
     Film Roll Diameter max.320mm max.320mm max.320mm
     Packaging Speed 10-60bags/min 10-60bags/min 5-55bags/min
     Power 220V 50/60Hz 2KW 220V 50/60Hz 3KW 220V 50/60Hz 3KW
     Machine Weight about 650kg about 680kg about 750kg


    • High precision digital weighing sensors;
    • PLC control system ,stable and reliable;
    • 5.7inch colorful touch screen, easy to operation;
    • Material contact parts (storage hopper, hopper, vibration plate, weighing hopper, etc.) are to realize fast disassembly, easy to clean;
    • Easy to clean and maintance.