Frequently Asked Questions


One-year-warranty is offered for each machine sold, effective from the delivery date according to the serial number engraved on each machine, but the consumable part replacement is not included in the warranty.

You can send your products(bottles, tubes, Caps,etc) to us before place the order, we’ll test it at the specific machine and shoot you a testing video. We hope it can help you address the issues ahead of making desicion.

Yes, all of our automatic and semi-automatic packaging machines are designed, manufactured and packaged in China mainland's factory and have the CE mark. That means they meet regional legal requirements and industry safety standards.


Payment can be done through the payment methods listed on our website. These include but not limited to direct bank transfers, Cash, PayPal. You can choose the payment method according to your actual situation.

It depends on the machine you are purchasing. If you place a expensive machine or highly speed automatic system, then you might be required to pay a deposit equivalent to a 1/3 of the total amount. For clients placing small orders like semi-automatic machines, we require the total amount payment.

Sorry, currently we don’t offer any direct financing plan to our customers, but we’ll happy to recommend some financial companies that specializing in packaging machinery if you need, for more information, please contact your regional sales.


For the vast majority of machines, we will provide fumigated wooden box packaging, used to transport the machine to the ports of various countries, meanwhile, for some small packaging machinery, we suggest that customers can use carton packaging, which will greatly reduce freight.

We have our own logistics department to deal with international shipping, we provide three modes of transport including ocean shipping, air transport, fast express , you should choose the best delivering method according to your actual situation.


You can contact our customer support at anytime, and before that, please shoot us a video demonstrating the problem so we can have an overall view of the problem, each case is carefully reviewed by our customer support team to assess the most appropriate action. Most case, the defective part is immediately replaced by a new one we sent, and for free.

All the Packry’s packaging systems are pre-set and QC checked in our facilities to minimize installation time and costs for both parties. If service installation and training is required at buyer ’s facility, please contact our sales stuff.

No. First, semi-automatic machines can be truly considered as “plug-and-play” devices. The mechanical installation of automatic machines, on the other hand, is normally performed autonomously by the customer, which means that our contribution is usually limited to commissioning and training