Public Benefit

Educate a girl, Change the world.

Thanks to the success in the packaging machinery industry, Packry is growing fast, and we also understand that we should  not forget corporate social responsibility, to takes responsibility for consumers, communities and the environment.

So we will take part of our annual profits to subsidize some girls who have no money and give up their studies, hoping to help them complete their studies. Because Packry believes that everyone is irreplaceable, girls should not be discriminate because of their gender.

Packry Scholarship Project

Injuries and poverty are often the labels of these families. In our view, a computer is a necessity in the home, and in these poor families, a color TV is almost the only valuable thing in the home. To our surprise, the poor life gave birth to the children who are hard working and energetic. Even children who can not afford extra-curricular books, we need to help them.

We hope that through the implementation of the “Packry Scholarship Project”, we will try our best to help girls from poor families to help them complete their studies and build bridges with the outside world.

How Packry Do

It is well known that children aged 0-14 are the crucial period for cultivating character, temperament and moral education. In this period, love and encouragement are especially needed. Children learn to imitate a series of cognitive activities such as habit, emotion, Attitude, focus on things, respect for others determine the healthy growth of young children.

Packry does not want to be at this age, because of the lack of necessary education, leaving these children regret for life, Packry’s corporate profits come from the community, then return to society is Packry unshirkable responsibility. “Packry Scholarship Project” subsidizes 8-10 girls from poor families every year, and Packry will cover their tuition and living expenses for compulsory education.

Keep Forward

Every suffering situation, every progressive story, every little touch, every idea of ​​good intentions, are a warmth and strength! Packry believe: “drumming people do not know how far the drums can pass” is that we’re drummers, do not ignore everyone’s strength, and Packry invite you to work with us to spread the drums further Sincerely .

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