Tube Sealing: Difference Between Heat-Seal and Ultrasonic-Seal


Tube Sealing: Difference Between Heat-Seal and Ultrasonic-Seal

When we choose the tube filling machine, there are usually two ways in the seal function, which is also one of the biggest differences between hose filling machines. About five years ago, most of the hose machines manufactured and assembled in China used electric heating mode, using great resistance to generate a large amount of heat for heating hoses. But with the progress of science and technology, the electric heating mode is gradually removed by the ultrasonic heating mode.

I will compare the difference between the two in four aspects, as for difference, you can conpare:

1). Working principle: as for heating-type machine, sealing is by temperature, so lower temperature or higher temperature both will influence the sealing condition, so it is hard to control and will hurt the filling material. While for ultrasonic sealing, it is sealed by ultrasonic(high speed vibration brings with heat which can change the molecular structure of the tube,then sealing the tube from the inside out welding), so it is easy to control, no need to adjust temperature. And it won’t hurt the filling material because of the high temperature.

2). Application ranges: Heating sealing type machine is more suitable for plastic tube, while ultrasonic machine are suitable for plastic tube, aluminum-plastic tube as well as composite tube and can guarantee perfect sealing condition,

3). Cost for sealing mold or tube holders: if for different diameter of tube, heating sealing machine need to change sealing mold and tube holders, cost about 2000USD. While for ultrasonic machine, for different size tube, just need to change related tube holders, cost just need 250USD. So our machine can save more cost.

4). Frankly speaking, ultrasonic machine is more stable than heating sealing machine not because the working principle, but also because when problem take place with machine, ultrasonic machine is easier to test and repair it, while heating sealing machine is more complex because it is mechanical, each part linked with other parts, if one part broke down, other parts can not work formly.

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